I travel. That is my hobby. Annoying hobby it is. The reasons for this is that it is not something I can indulge in daily. It is simply something I can do every so often.

However, I do try and indulge in travelling every day. Even something small like taking a different route to my destination. In that way I may stumble upon a cute boutique, or a cosy looking coffee shop.

And that is how I indulge myself in travelling.

Another thing I am passionate about it photography or perhaps the land or the moment I am trying to capture. The experience and emotions contained in pixels. That is what I love about photos.

I also love the different way of life. The way people go about their lives differently in different countries. I love to live in the country, experience the country as the locals do. Eat as the locals, drink like the locals and live my life like the locals. This is not so easy to do, but I do try.

This blog will be an attempt to capture all the above.