Sugar: The sweetest form of evil.

A few weeks ago, I was having a lot of issues with food and I read an article about how terrible sugar was. This article lead to another article, which lead to another article which lead to me reading about people who had given up sugar cold turkey.

I decided this is what I need. I need to have a little detox. It was only meant to be for three days. Just to cleanse my body, but I felt so much better that after the three days I kept on it.

However, in the early hours of yesterday morning, I was stressed, I could not sleep and some before I knew it I was making pancakes with nutella. You would have thought I would have been able to control myself. Well nope. Not at all. I ate two full jars of it. I then passed out, kept on waking up in the night, having hot sweats and went to my job interview exhausted and in a brain fog. I did not go to any lectures that day. Did not have breakfast and fixed myself a healthy salad for lunch. As I had eaten my flatmate’s nutella, I had to go to the shop and buy some more. Well would you guess, but that night I ate the jar I had just bought. That is when the real side effects kicked in. I fell asleep. But woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain, I wanted to cry. My stomach was nauseous, my head was threatening to explode, my shoulders were aching. Everything hurt. It was awful. Even now as  I am writing this, I am feeling still really sick.

I never want to touch it again. 



Every year this new year new me bullshit comes out, and every year I resolved I would lose that weight. I broke down losing weight into two things:

  1. Eating a certain amount of calories
  2. Working out

2015 came and went and I set the same old goal, and although I struggled very much so, this is the first year, where I managed to keep the resolve of working out. I worked out on average 3 times a week last year, most weeks compromising of every day workouts bar Sundays, and then a few weeks, where I had to recover from a surgery and also a few weeks of laziness, where I did nada.

That was my most successful goal. Exercise is now firmly in my life. I am still not the best runner, I struggle to do push-ups sometimes, but I can run 10km – with little walking breaks – and can do burpees like a beast, and that is a load better than I was able to do this time last year.