January goal: I choose to be happy

My Goal for this year is to be absolutely, undeniably, unbelievably happy.

  1. Make three people smile every day
  2. Blog daily using prompts or just my random thoughts
  3. Kayla workout
  4. Try meditation
  5.  Book flights to America
  6. Eat every 4 hours
  7. Read more books
  8. Set five tasks daily to do
  9. Gratitude diary

2016 goals


  1. To be organised:
    • Arrive on time
    • Have a diary where I write down all my appointments
    • Make a daily to do list of only 5 things that I have to do
  2. Nutrition
    • Eat 2-3 times a day of wholesome clean food
    • Cut out refined sugars
    • Have a list of 10 good dinners in your repetoire
    • Pack lunches instead of eating out
  3. Fitness
    • Workout 6 times a week
    • Get running up to 20k long runs
    • Run twice a week
    • Learn something new – surfing/tennis/dancing/martial arts
  4. Academic/Career
    • Finish Uni with a high 2.1 or a first
    • Go to all lectures this semester
    • Do all work for lectures
    • Figure out an internship in Berlin
  5. Travel
    • Go to America for the summer
    • Move to Berlin in October
  6. Financial
    • Have no debt
  7. Creative
    • Blog every day
    • Take photos more often